Vintage 18K Gold Faith, Hope & Charity, Heart, Cross & Anchor Charm


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Here is a remarkable vintage 18K yellow gold, 3D, “Faith, Hope and Charity charm” The heart, cross, and anchor. It can be worn as a symbol of faith, hope, luck, love, and protection.

PRECIOUS METAL: 18K yellow gold (electronically tested)

MEASUREMENTS: Approx. length of each charm is 1/2 inch

WEIGHT: 1.7 grams

MARKINGS: 750 1 AR with maker’s stamp

CONDITION: Excellent

CIRCA: 1960s

The Cross: The cross on the pendant is generally a Latin Cross, or “crux immissa”. It is the symbol of Christianity, although it was a pagan symbol representing the sun god Apollo long before the founding of the Christian Church. It represents the cross on which Jesus Christ died and has come to symbolize Christian faith.

The Anchor: The anchor represented safety to sailors, a way to safeguard their ships during a storm so there was a better chance for survival. Christians adopted the symbol to mean hope in future existence. The first Christian reference to this use is in the Bible in Hebrews 6:19-20, where hope is “an anchor of the soul…”

The Heart: A Valentine’s Day card in 1910 was the first time the traditional heart shape represented love. Before then, many believed the heart was the force that drove the human mind; hence, it represented the soul, the place from which human feelings come.

The Three Symbols Together: The cross and anchor together were first used in Christian catacombs to represent hope based on the belief in Jesus Christ. The heart was added later to represent charity. The three symbols together represent the Christian tenants of faith, hope, and charity.


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